Music for The Book of I (The Existential Edition)


About this album

The woman sits at the edge of the cliff looking out to the sea…a daughter of North Africa perhaps. Her cheeks reflect olive light. She looks at me, carving her face in my memory…the step towards the rocky edge…I listen to the lines forming her face…I return to the melody still dancing in the air…
Lucio…had a delicate face…sharp angles, oblong eyes, and a classic Greek nose. I saw his face before the rocks disfigured him…he has the face of the forgotten… I try to paint him… I take a Renaissance approach, depicting him in a diaphanous light, like an angel…
I know those faces are…around me… They joined the sea because they had no other choice. Their faces are washed of past concerns. …If I…attempt to render them as ex-living people in my canvas, the white foam is quick to reclaim them. That is why all my canvases turn white–the frothy sea swallows them.

— “Faces in Foam”: featuring Darrell Peries, solo violin; Caleb Barnes, countertenor.

An exiled princess, or a cursed enchantress, a castaway, maybe a fugitive slave…
She goes on her walks to conquer the world.

— “Sweet Camila”: featuring Sarah Wallin Huff, violins and viola; Anne Sherrill, cello.

(Read the ideas and technique behind this particular track here!)

— “The Elusive Everyman and Her Majesty”

Phillipy refers to himself in the third person, as if existing as a separate entity from his very self. I find the habit interesting, a sport of sorts, a way of explaining one’s actions from a distance.
Phillipy knocks at the door…three times…
“…three times, that’s all Phillipy can take.”
He can tell when thoughts are tangled. He may speak in the third person but he is linear, he follows one thought with the next…

— “Phillipy is Fragmented”: featuring Darrell Peries, solo violin; Cathy Alonzo, solo viola; Jenna Ford, solo cello.

“You’re not really listening. Can you hear the angular melodic twists?”
“That’s what death sounds like, I know… It’s like a leitmotif; it keeps coming back to my mind.”

— “I Know What Death Sounds Like”: featuring Brett Bird, solo violin.

The ever-shifting world throws me into a lonely corner when I need someone. And when I crave solitude, my skull lets everybody into my mind… when I could almost touch Phillipy, he jumped…Even Camila, walking away from me when I need her most.

— “Solitude’s Hypocrisy”: featuring Sarah Wallin Huff, violin; Peter Yates, guitar.