Two New Recordings Now Available

Both my latest New Age single and my Classical work for orchestra are now available anywhere you listen to music! Visit the links below to check them out…

“Frog Song to the Moon” celebrates the simple beauty of nature, with entirely improvised sounds of the handpan, native trail flute, and violin, set to the background of a chorus of frog-song captured in Valencia, CA on a peaceful evening.

β€œThe Dark Glass Sinfonia” feels for me like an unfolding journey through life and the mind. It begins in dark, ambiguous mists that gradually part to allow the light of harmony and direction shine. As we move toward that light, we gain a sense of confidence and spontaneity, and there seems to be an eager bounce in our step as we meet friend and foe and explore the complicated world around us. Finally, approaching the end of the work, we look back and try to make sense of all that we’ve experienced, encountering the grand, open expanse of consciousness that grants us an outlook of wonder.

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